Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Watching Rome Burn

An overwhelming day for Jane Donuts.

Ominous headlines from the financial world. Dramatically receding hopes for exiting credit card debt in the near term. Shame over poor financial choices in the past. Colleagues who showed themselves to be incredibly, maddeningly short-sighted and disappointing on many levels. The locking of eyes with some poor bastard on her floor walking down the hall with a McDonald's bag. The wrong outfit worn to work. And then there were the cravings for chocolate, which were ultimately induldged.

These people with the relentlessly positive attitudes, where do they get them? And how do they maintain them? And how does one balance being content with reality?

It's about developing some kind of filter, isn't it? What to process and what to throw out. Jane Donuts has a long way to go here.

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