Monday, January 26, 2009

On undergarments

A lot of times, underwear seems unnecessary, and that's why Jane Donuts often forgoes it. Barring a few essential days of the month, it's mostly a nuisance and just another item of clothing to be paid for, washed, folded, stored, etc. Who needs it? Plus there's the semi illicit thrill of going commando.

But then I read this account of one of the passengers on US Airways Flight 1549, and, although he survived, his pants were ripped off in the impact and he was forced to pull himself to safety bare bottomed and exposed to the elements and the stares of his fellow passengers. Yes, yes, they were extraordinary circumstances and probably the last thing on anyone's mind was whether the guy's ass was any good, but still in all, this was a horrifying account.

Jane Donuts finds herself reconsidering underpants in the mornings now. Just another small decision to be made.

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