Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jane Donuts Has a Conversation

So the other night, Jane Donuts attended a work social function. Jane Donuts works deep, deep in the heart of corporate America. More corporate that you can imagine. Depths you have (hopefully) never seen.

Several glasses of $14 Pinot Noir in she had the following exchange with an older, Southern male colleague.

Weirdo: So, you look like someone who likes music
Jane Donuts: Yeah, I'm kind of a nerd about it
Weirdo: Oh yeah, so who do you listen to?
Jane Donuts: Oh, well, some of my favorites historically are REM, the Pixies, the Beatles
Weirdo: Do you like Staind?
Jane Donuts: Um
Weirdo: Yeah, I've been into them lately. I love Live, they're one of my favorites, but lately they've just started making vaginal rock.
Jane Donuts: What?
Weirdo: Just, you know, for pussies. Just really vaginal and I've just totally lost interest.
Jane Donuts: ...

This was after a chilling conversation with a deposed exec who was still drinking the kool-aid but before a series of blatant propositions from an older, married, avowed Catholic. All in all, an interesting evening.

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