Monday, March 30, 2009

Jane Donuts Reminds You that Anything Can Happen at Any Time

Jane Donuts indulged in a spur of the moment subscription to HBO last night. Since then, during the hours when she wasn't working or walking around the Silver Lake reservoir with friends and the neurotic dog of said friends, she has watched a series of programs including Eastbound and Down, the network's new ode to rednecks in the American south, The #1 Ladies Detective Agency, a charming show about a lovable, portly African lady detective, the tail end of the dreaded Knocked Up (less awful than the first time around but still vaguely misogynistic drivel) and In Bruges, a surprisingly entertaining and thoughtful crime caper set in the eponymous medieval Belgian city. In addition to being immensely watchable (begging an encore viewing, even) and finally introducing to Jane Donuts the heretofore misunderstood appeal of one Colin Farrell, one scene in particular stood out to her.

During a pretty true to life depiction of a coke binge with a random cast of shady weirdos, Farrell's character at one point delivers a completely unexpected and uncalled for karate chop to a fellow carouser, who also happens to be a midget. The swift act of violence is so startling that it reminded Jane Donuts of the magnificent unpredictability of the human animal. One minute you're sharing beers and stories and generally communing and reveling with your fellow humans, and the next one of them strikes you and leaves you rumpled in a heap on the floor of your hotel room writhing in pain.

It can happen, and it sometimes will when you least expect it.

In fact, the scene was strangely echoed when JD stepped out on her porch for an illicit smoke, which she shouldn't be doing anyway, yes, she is well aware, and came face to face with a well dressed man of questionable sexuality in a nicely tailored pinstripe suit. The man was vaguely handsome and clearly of some means, but the reason for him being out there on a Monday night at 11:20 was not immediately clear. After a moment of tense and uncomfortable small talk, it was revealed that he was there to see her upstairs neighbor and had at one point lived in the apartment above her own, and the neighbor came down to say hello, and Jane Donuts was able to sneak back into her apartment without incident. All in no, no blows were thrown, no harm done, but for a minute there, she wasn't so sure.

So Jane Donuts urges you all to be careful out there. And be alert. You just don't know what's lurking.