Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Various assholes

Jane Donuts is an avid people watcher. All different types of people. People of various ethnicities. People of various sexes, and heights and weights. People of various ages, young and old.

And people of various political and social leanings, too. The other day Jane Donuts was sitting at an intersection watching cars pass her going in the other direction. Moms in big, dusty SUVs with kids in tow. Twenty-somethings with small compact cars and bumper stickers. Business types with big BMWs. And fortysomething women driving hybrids.

And as Jane Donuts thought about it and the fact that you can pretty much guess what each of these people's political leanings are, she realized that at some point or another, we all fall into these identity traps and cliches. What we wear, what we drive, what we read, all of these things tell the casual observer something very personal about our identities, and no matter what we are, we're always an asshole to someone.

Jane Donuts is no spring chicken, but she still wonders what kind of asshole she'll shake out to be in the end.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Endless Stretch of Days

Some days Jane Donuts looks out into the future and sees a depressing series of days that are all frighteningly alike, and it infuses everything she does. It makes her rethink her usual order from the coffee shop. It makes her want to make all new friends and discard the old ones. It makes her wonder how she can get through another work week without quitting in disgust. It makes her wonder how she can get through the rest of her life without quitting in disgust.

Not all days, but some.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Who is everyone kidding?

Jane Donuts always laughs when people talk about how much they overindulged on Thanksgiving.

"I cannot believe how much I ate!"
"My pants are going to be so tight!"
"I really overdid it this time!"

Who are these people, Jane Donuts thinks? Do they not ever sequester themselves in the house with a large pizza and/or a pint of Ben and Jerry's? Have they never started to eat a forkfull of pie or a handful of cereal and then found themselves finishing the whole thing?

And isn't that sort of the point of Thanksgiving? Are people really going into it thinking/hoping they won't be gluttonous? And if so, isn't that the best way to ensure that they will be?

Jane Donuts really wishes people would be more honest about their weaknesses.