Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jane Donuts remarks upon the specter of death hanging over Hollywood

Jane Donuts doesn't feel bad about this. Watching the Golden Globes with the sound off, beneath the glamour of the gowns and the sparkling jewels, what is most obvious is that some of the most watchable, less than perfect women in town have transmogrified into thinner, blonder versions of themselves, and then some are just outright dying. This is no way to live. (And why would Drew Barrymore want to turn herself into Phyllis Diller anyway?)

Jane Donuts, on the other hand, started the day off with a cupcake and later paraded her sturdy, brunette form through Downtown LA's Grand Central market, where along with several hundred fellow mortals, she indulged in pupusas and heavily sugared dulces. And after that, as she sunned herself in the grass under a clear, 75 degreed, smogless sky, she looked down at her non-pedicured feet and thought to herself, life is good.

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