Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jane Donuts is off the meds

Well, not really. But maybe partially. Or at least considering it? Came across the card in the picture above the other day - actually came across it numerous times in unrelated public places. Is not wanting to talk about it a good sign or a bad sign? Jane Donuts is thinking of intensifying hibernation. Jane Donuts should probably go ahead and get a new therapist. Jane Donuts doesn't see the point of any of it in the end. Jane Donuts keeps looking for it though.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Point to Ponder

With the economic downturn in full effect and expected to get much deeper, Jane Donuts wonders what effect that will have on the ever evolving ideal of the woman's physique?

In the way that the skinny, flat-chested flapper ideal of the roaring 20s gave way to the curvy, ultra-feminine silhouettes of the more fiscally conservative 40s and 50s, could the bone-starved status symbol thinness of the 90s and 2000s give way to a more lush form in the 2010s? Out with the Gwenyths and Jennifer Anistons, in with the Beyonces? Don't think we'll ever quite prize a rubenesque figure again, but how about less bicep, more boob?

A girl can dream.

p.s. Holy shit! This article just came up at the top of Jane Donuts's gmail page. Wow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh right.

The sights here trump anything Jane Donuts has ever actually ingested, but are fascinating nonetheless.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fashion Show at the Gym = Ugh

As if getting there wasn't hard enough, now one has to feel like one must be wearing stylish attire? Well, let Jane Donuts tell you something. She goes to the gym in a goddamn ratty t-shirt and plain old black stretch pants.

Although truth be told, she wishes the 80s thong leotard would come back just like she wishes NBA players would bring back short shorts. Because how much more entertaining would the gym be?

Jane Donuts would even give it a go.

p.s. She did see someone wearing stirrup pants the other day. But it was a little too American Apparel to be cool.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jane Donuts Loves Animals, and So Do Some Presidents!

Thanks to the Discovery Network, Jane Donuts has learned about pets owned by various presidents:

Thomas Jefferson- pet bear cubs
James Madison- parrot
John Quincy Adams- silkworms, alligator
Andrew Jackson- fighting cocks, a cussing parrot
Martin Van Buren- tiger cubs
William Henry Harrison- pet goat
John Tyler- first president to own a canary
Abraham Lincoln- loved animals and owned many, including a pet rabbit
Andrew Johnson- white mice
Grover Cleveland- mockingbirds
Benjamin Harrison- opossum
Theodore Roosevelt- a full house with a pet garter snake, pig, rat, badger, guinea pig
Calvin Coolidge- pet raccoons, goose, bobcat, lion cubs, wallaby and a pygmy hippopotamus

Never having been much of a student of presidential history, Jane Donuts never felt much kinship with any of these gentleman, with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson, who always struck her as kind of a thrilling individual. (And judging by his choice of pets, perhaps he was a little too thrilling. Fighting cocks? Unnecessary.) But it's funny how knowing what kind of pet someone owns tells you something about their character.

Lincoln? Lovable.
Quincy Adams? Weird.
Harrison? Funny.
Roosevelt? Mischevious.
And Calvin Coolidge? Wild. (Who knew?)

No wonder the Obamas are dragging their feet on the dog decision. So much riding on it. If they get, say, a maltipoo, we'll all lose respect.