Monday, December 1, 2008

Who is everyone kidding?

Jane Donuts always laughs when people talk about how much they overindulged on Thanksgiving.

"I cannot believe how much I ate!"
"My pants are going to be so tight!"
"I really overdid it this time!"

Who are these people, Jane Donuts thinks? Do they not ever sequester themselves in the house with a large pizza and/or a pint of Ben and Jerry's? Have they never started to eat a forkfull of pie or a handful of cereal and then found themselves finishing the whole thing?

And isn't that sort of the point of Thanksgiving? Are people really going into it thinking/hoping they won't be gluttonous? And if so, isn't that the best way to ensure that they will be?

Jane Donuts really wishes people would be more honest about their weaknesses.


Youngling #2 said...

I love overindulgence in just about everything. Which makes me think I might end up dying at a 40, a fat, drunk smack addict with more pairs of pants than I could possibly wear in a month.

Jane Donuts said...

As Mae West said, "too much of a good thing is wonderful".