Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday by the Numbers

Approximate time of waking up: 7:45

Approximate time of exiting bed: 9:10

Number of iced coffees drank while watching the scene at Intelligentsia: 1.5

Number of careers contemplated: 5

Number of random mailbox/copy places visited in frantic effort to send fax: 3

Number of old copies of Domino magazine found and subsequently lifted from aforementioned copy places: 2

Number of libraries visited: 2

Number of times around the Silver Lake reservoir: 1

Number of hours spent lying on the couch absentmindedly surfing the internet while wearing a bathrobe: 6.5

Approximate time of falling asleep: 11:30

Certainly not the most productive day, but, sadly, not atypical either. Right now I have the luxury of a totally open schedule and plenty of time with which to contemplate my next career move, and it's wonderful but also, dare I say it, a little tough. In the past I would have hanged myself with so much rope, but these days I'm mostly ok with it. I try to be fairly constructive with my time, and I am making some progress - have pretty much ruled out being a librarian and teaching as career options - but I definitely feel like I'm not making the most of a very rare and precious opportunity to do whatever I want ALL THE TIME. Don't get me wrong, for the most part I have it pretty nice - sleeping a lot, naps, sunny mornings with big mugs of coffee, running, yoga, meditation, fiction reading, all the web surfing one could possibly want or need - but I'm not really accomplishing anything. At least nothing I can really point to, with this blog, if I actually keep at it, as the only possible exception. I'm full of ideas, but not always so good on the follow through.

Current career ideas I'm working through:

  • In house blogger at some large company
  • Writer/editor for online news or cultural commentary
  • Reseller of antiques and vintage furnishings and home decor

Those are the "career" paths I'm looking at, but I'm also considering waiting tables, working retail, selling Christmas trees, applying to be a census worker, etc. etc. So, at this point, a lot remains up in the air.

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